April 14

Just got back from another great trip to South Carolina.   I know it gets cold there too…but not for long….but when it’s 70, sunny, flowers blooming, nice beach conditions….its really hard to say, yeah I’ll go back to NY.

Another great trip…..

March 19…..Get Your Date(s) Booked!

Hard to believe looking at the ice in front of Dunkirk Harbor still, that we are only about 5 weeks til splashdown at Wilson….SO TIME TO GET YOUR TRIPS BOOKED!

We still have room at Wilson for some great spring salmon and trout fishing.   Coho, Lakers, browns, steelhead and kings!

And our calendar is starting to fill up nicely on Lake Erie for walleye!  This year is forecast to be as good if not better than 2017…and it was awesome!!

SO get your gang together and give us a call or shoot us an email and let’s GO FISHING!


Thanks to all of you that stopped by the Times Two Charters/Kongo Sportfishing Charters booth at the Niagara Falls Outdoor and Fishing Expo!

It was great to see a bunch of our Lake Ontario friends, vendors and many who have fished with us in the past!   We hope to see some of you this coming season!



January 7, 2018

Two weeks from today we will have a booth at the Niagara Falls Fishing and Outdoor Expo!   Be sure to stop in and talk about the great 2017 walleye season, and expectations for 2018!   Capt. Gary from Kongo Charters will also be with us!

This will be a great opportunity for you to book your 2018 Lake Ontario or Lake Erie charter!

December 2

Got a phone call from Capt. Paul Dehrer, asking if I wanted to go to fish Lake Erie in Northeast, PA.   After a short consideration…off we went.   Lake Erie was nice and calm, and fish was really good.

We had 27 bites and landed 24 in just about 3 hours…a nice mix of good size lakers and small steelhead.   Most of our lakers were low to mid teens, with the biggest at 22 lbs, and steelies up to about 5 lbs.

25-30 Fow, riggers with spoons and 4 board sets.

With all the fishing I’ve done, a bunch of firsts….first December laker and steelie on open water on Lake Erie, and first of both in PA.   Great day on the lake.  Thanks Capt. Paul for the invite!

Bay Rat Lures Special Offer

Check out this Black Friday – Cyber Monday spell from our friends over at Bay Rat Lures!

Those that have been on the boat, know me or read our posts on this blog, know that Bay Rats have been awesome baits for us on Lake Erie for walleye, and in May when were are at Wilson.

Bay Rat Lures have lots of great colors and bait options.   I’d definitely include (for Lake Erie) the Machine, Purple Wish, and My Secret in long deeps, and Purple Wish, Purple Muff or Rainbow Smelt in long shallows  as part of your order.

Be sure to visit www.bayratlures.com to see all the great selections and colors.


Bay Rat Lures Black Friday – Cyber Monday SALE!!!10% off all orders, and if you order 12 lures the 13th is FREE! All…

Posted by Bay Rat Lures on Thursday, November 23, 2017


November 16….So what’s been happening at Times Two Charters?

Sadly, our great 2017 season has come to an end…..SO, some of  you may want to know what we have been doing since??

We kept the little boat out for a few weeks to see if we could find anything good….fished Chautauqua Lake with Gary (Kongo Charters) and had a great day…just nothing to show for it….

Finally got out on the creek, and took two nice steelies (released) in the couple of hours we fished on a rainy Sunday.   Hoping to get out again, weather permitting, in the next few days.

I don’t hunt, but Jack’s been out mixing in goose, deer and duck hunts, with some success….

We’ve been working on Times Two as well…a couple of new rod holders on the arch, Marvin (at Bootleggers Marina in Wilson) has the top for a couple of adjustments, and we are swapping out our washdown hose for a much neater system!  Also on deck as possibilities are a new stereo, and maybe changing out our down temp unit….maybe….


2017…that’s a wrap!

Well, we have sadly closed out the 2017 charter season on Lake Erie.

The season started a touch on the slow side in mid-June, but once it got going in early July thru the last week of September, it was pretty darn good.   Mother Nature was not kind, and wind was a factor for most of the season.   I can’t tell you how many times we told someone “the fishing is good, if we can get there!” or remarked that we won’t know what to do if we ever get a calm lake to fish.

Bay Rats were again a great early season board bait, and took their fair share of fish off the divers and boards all season.  Hard to beat a bait that is produced 40 miles down the lake.   In the long deeps, purple wish and the machine were solid all year, cracked sea coral, my secret, coho crusher and cheap sunglasses early.  In long shallow, the rainbow smelt became one of our go to baits as the season wore down.

We did well with small spoons off the riggers, like the WD’s (Fly girl was the best) and a couple different colors from Krantz (formerly Contender).

We started off running 4/5 color lead, and ended the season towing 10 color with and with out extra weight and the copper down the chute.

We really appreciate those of you that came with us for the first time this year, and the growing number of you that are repeat clients (now friends!)

A few pics from this season….


We will be updating our site thru the next few months and will be adding all of the pics we have from this year.

REMEMBER…..Our season will start in late April on Lake Ontario for anyone interested in some great spring salmon fishing, and we will be back and at it in Dunkirk mid-June.    Particularly for walleye, our weekend dates will fill up fast so get your date(s) booked early!

We will also be at the Niagara Falls Outdoor Show Jan 19-21, 2018!

Thanks again for a great year!!

September 25

What a great way to end our 2017 lake season….an evening trip with Capt. Gary (Kongo) and Gerb.   As we have seen the last two weeks, so/so bite between 4:30-6:00….but then it really gets cranking the last hour before the sun hits the water!

Not to sound like a broken record….but same stuff, same depth, same lures that we have been running for the better part of the last month!

And a great sunset too!   We can only hope that 2018 will be as good as this year has been!